Gender Alliance

2012 Version
(Most recent update: 6-5-12)
The Transgender Companion™
(A resource guide for the trans- community)

Eclectic Publishing
(No material by authors within this volume may be copied by any means electronic or paper.)

The resources listed in this book may not be accurate due to changes in various businesses, or other logistical situations. The authors and copyrighting company of this book are offering their own experience or passing on information. They are not responsible for the accuracy of information contained in this publication. Always check things out for yourself, and make sure the information fits your personal situation.
“The Transgender Companion” is intended for use by all transgendered individuals regardless of their particular expression of gender. The book is written with the goal of providing a wide selection of resources and information for the various needs of transgendered individuals.
Most of the resources and information contained within is designed to be local references specific to the greater Portland-Vancouver area. Listings of contact information are specific to four counties: Clark County in Washington, and Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah Counties in Oregon.
The creators of this book are transgendered individuals just like you who felt it was time for this region to have such a resource book readily available. We hope you use it in
the spirit we intended: a helpful guide to assist you on your way in living a happy and healthy life.
The editor would like to thank the following individuals for their wonderful support: Linda Evans, Jace Turner, Leeza Edwards, David and Deborah Weekley, Emily Pittman Newberry, Reid Vanderburgh and Jeanette Lovretich.
IF YOU KNOW of a friendly resource not listed, you can email the contact information to Eclectic Publishing, If any listed resource proves to be discriminatory, please notify me at the same email and their listing will be removed from the book.

The Transgender Companion


Section One: Transgender Groups/Clubs
Northwest Gender Alliance
Rose City T-Girls
Gender (Free) For All
Tranz Guys
Resources PDX
Rose City T-Girls
Trans Femme
Gender Queery
Vancouver USA TGirls

Section Two: Therapist & Medical Resources
Laser Hair Removal
Voice Training

Section Three: Trans-Friendly Businesses
The Spa
Over the Rainbow Transformations
Eclectic Publishing
Just Out
In Other Words
Yoga and Pilates 
Crescendo Salon

Section Four: Supportive Groups-Legal Assistance
Trans Active
Outside In
Sexual Minorities Round Table
The Living Room
Legal Assistance
Temporary Housing

Section Five: Recommended Lists
Bars, Taverns, Lounges
Restaurants and Cafes
Local Websites (transgender info,
TG dating services, etc.)

Section Six: Spiritual & Religious Support

Section Seven: Emergency Services

Section Eight: Stories & Poetry
by Transgendered Individuals
Joyce Colson
David Weekley
Emily Pittman Newberry

Section One:
Transgender Groups/Clubs

About the Northwest Gender Alliance
The Northwest Gender Alliance (NWGA) of Portland, Oregon is a social, support and educational group for individuals who desire to explore and express another gender. This includes cross dressers, transsexuals, and other individuals who identify themselves as transgendered. The NWGA does not discriminate against any gender role - male to female or female to male. The group is open to individuals who wish to dress in the clothing of the opposite gender and individuals who desire to change their gender. The club holds monthly open meetings and sponsors a variety of social functions. There are yearly dues which cover the cost of the monthly NWGA newsletter and club activities.
Purposes of the NWGA
1. To provide a safe and comfortable context in which individuals can express and enjoy their cross gender feelings.
2. To reach out to those who need help in dealing with issues of gender identity and gender expression.
3. To help individuals deal with gender issues in their relationships.
4. To educate the public about our lifestyles and promote understanding and acceptance of the transgendered.
5. To protect our members, membership is held in the strictest confidence.
Club Activities
The NWGA offers a variety of services and activities. Monthly open meetings provide opportunities for members and prospective members to meet and socialize with other transgendered individuals in a protective, supportive environment. Part of each meeting is devoted to dinner and conversation. Often a portion of the meeting is set aside for demonstrations, discussion, or a workshop on a topic such as clothing, cosmetics, feminine deportment, or legal/medical issues related to gender expression.
These programs are intended to help individuals better express their gender of choice and develop skill and self confidence in their chosen gender role. In addition to the regular meetings, the group schedules numerous special activities through out the year. These include dinners, shopping trips, night club outings, barbecues, a Halloween party, an annual awards banquet, and many other events. With other northwest transgender groups the NWGA sponsors Esprit, an annual national convention for the transgendered community.
NWGA activities provide a safe and comfortable environment for members, spouses, and friends to socialize with others who share the same interests. Some activities are private and protected; others are more public. Participants are able to select activities that match their own levels of experience, self confidence, and comfort.
One of the benefits of NWGA membership is Northwest Passages, the monthly NWGA newsletter. The newsletter is a forum for communication and discussion among club members. It contains articles about club activities, a schedule of events sponsored by the NWGA, notices about community events, films, plays, lectures, fashion shows, etc.) of interest to club members, book reviews, how to articles, stories, humor, and advertisements for stores, restaurants, and services that welcome the transgendered.
Spouses and partners often need support and information to help them understand and cope with gender issues in a relationship. The NWGA sponsors couples dinners on a regular basis. At these non cross dressing functions, members, their spouses and loved ones can meet and talk with other individuals who have experience in dealing with gender issues.
There is much misinformation about transgender issues, and there are many public misconceptions about gender identity and gender expression.
One of the missions of the Northwest Gender Alliance is to educate and inform the public about the transgender spectrum. NWGA members often are called upon to speak to college classes and participate in conferences related to gender expression, gender identity, and human sexuality. NWGA members also participate in community groups that deal with human rights and sexual minority issues.
Cross dressing is legal in Oregon and most other states. Portland has been particularly understanding and supportive of diversity in alternative lifestyles and individual expression.
No information is given to anyone about NWGA members. The club is a social and support group, not a dating service. No sexual activities are allowed at any NWGA function or meeting.
P.O. Box 4928
Portland, Oregon 97208-4928
Telephone Info Line (503) 533-8787

Rose City T-Girls

Tranz Guys
Portland Oregon
When: Third Sundays, 6pm – 8pm
Where: Q-Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave. Portland
This group is for trans guys/men, intersex, gender queer, questioning people who were assigned female at birth. A discussion group in a supportive environment. If you are exploring the trans or gender variant experience and have been thinking about attending a transgroup, come check out one of our meetings. For more info contact

Resources PDX
Portland Oregon

Gender (Free) For All
Portland Oregon

Portland, OR
(503) 471-1515
Social group and email list for female-assigned gender-variant people

When: Third Tuesdays, 7pm – 9pm
Where: Q-Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave. Portland
A social group for all of our gender fabulous sisters (anyone identifying and/or presenting on the trans-feminine spectrum). We meet for fun, discussion, and support around what it means to be on the trans-fem side of things. Come down to Q Center. For any questions contact either Amari at or Chloe at

Gender Queery
When: First Mondays
Time: 7PM—8:30PM
Where: Q-Center, 4115 N Mississippi Ave. Portland Oregon
A Discussion group for all unconventional gender topics This is a discussion group for trans, gender queer, folks outside-the-gender-binary, and allies.

Vancouver USA T-Girls
Contact Norma at to join.

Section Two:
Therapists & Medical

Gender Identity Issues Therapy
Portland, Oregon
Name License/Phone Number/Email

Sally Adelman LCSW/503-348-9811

Sarah C. Alexander LCSW/503-709-5137

Dr. Heather Stein 503-804-2736

Pamela Crow RPT-S; LCSW/503-281-0085

Sharon S. Flegal LMFT/503-235-5799

Annik Larsen LCSW/503-957-0135

Dylan Colette Olson LPC/503-740-3867

Lisa S. Race LCSW/503-624-5705

Charlotte Redway LCSW/503-888-3238

Beth Ann Richman LCSW; CADC-I/503-754-6145

Meg Jeske, MA, 503-985-6344

Michele Pearce, LCSW/503-290-8255

Sue Orchard, PsyD 503-358-6479

Deb Samuels, LPC 503-283-0380

Hormone Rejuvenation Center
Dr. Jan Seibert
2187 SW Main Street, Suite 103
Portland OR 97205

Outside In Trans Clinic
Portland Oregon

Northwest Primary Care
Dr. Sara Becker, M.D.
3033 Monroe Street
Milwaukee Oregon 97222
Physician and Surgeon, Board Certified
Aviation Medical Examiner
Licensed Commercial Pilot

Tuan A. Nguyen, M.D., D.D.S., F.A.C.S.
15820 Quarry Road
Lake Oswego Oregon 97035
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Hand Surgery

True North Massage
Sheila Resari

The Energy Well
Rebecca Strack
2100 NE Broadway, Suite 225, Portland OR

Chuck Arbuckle

Step Beyond Coaching
Jill Nelson, MBA, M.Div.

Jamie T. Bloom
1017 SW Morrison
Suite 400
Portland Oregon

Broadway East Electrology
Barbara Failing L.E. C.P.E.
Licensed Electrologist
1605 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

Linda Clarke L.E., L.E., L.T
Electrolysis, Facials, Micro Derm abrasion, & Cosmetic Tattooing.
205 SE 3rd Avenue, Suite 800
205 SE 3rd Avenue, Suite 800
Hillsboro, OR 97123
(503) 648-6878

Northwest Medical Laser
Aydria Morrow, LPN
Medical Laser Consultant
10024 SE 32nd Ave
Milwaukee Oregon 97222

Voice Training
Barbie Scott, M.A.. C.C.C. Speech - Language Pathologist
Voice Coach/Speech - Therapist
7298 SW Capital Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 977-2160

Matt McCarthy

Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center
2330 NW Flanders, Suite 101, Portland OR 97210

Quest Center for Integrative Health
Danya Morrison
2901 Burnside, ortland OR 97214
503-238-5203 x311

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
10541 SE Cherry Blossom Drive, Portland OR 97216
Dennis Perry
503-552-1551 x5129
3025 SW Corbett Ave, Portland OR 97201
National College of Natural Medicine

Partnership Project
HIV Advocacy and Services since 1995
5525 SE Milwaukee Ave, Portland OR 97202

Section Three:
Trans-Friendly Businesses

The Spa,
Vancouver WA
David Mendez Cantu
David provides all the usual relaxing spa services plus specialty eyelash additions.

Over the Rainbow Transformations
Portland Oregon
Victoria Sinclair
Victoria provides makeovers, a night on the town,
a bed and breakfast for those in stealth, and sells cosmetics, wigs, jewelry, clothes and more!

Eclectic Publishing
Vancouver WA
Joyce Colson
Joyce provides custom made jewelry and customized publications.

Social Wealth Media
Jace Turner

In Other Words
a feminist community center
40 NE. Killingsworth
Portland Oregon

Yoga and Pilates
Sherrie Gingery Robinson
Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Crescendo Salon
8137 SE 13th Avenue
Portland OR 97202

Cosmetics, Wigs, Jewelry

Over the Rainbow Transformations
(cosmetics, wigs and jewelry)
Portland Oregon

Jafra Cosmetics (cosmetics)
Vancouver WA
Linda Stassel

Eclectic Publishing (jewelry)
Vancouver WA
Joyce Colson

Authentic Creations (cosmetics, wigs)
Christina Fletcher
7038 N Vincent Ave
Portland Oregon 97217
Hair Styling; Professional Makeup; Wig Master

Mary Kay Products (cosmetics)
Debby Benjamin (Independent Beauty Consultant)
16138 NW Claremont Drive, Portland OR 97229

Section Four:
Supportive Groups & Legal Assistance
PFlag East:
Bob Kincaid

PFlag Portland:
Margie Lunch

PFlag Clackamas:
Marion Hammer

3024 NE M.L. King Blvd
Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon

Outside In
Portland Oregon

Sexual Minorities Leadership Round Table
Vancouver Washington:

The Living Room
A safe haven for GLBTQQ youth in Clackamas County OR

Legal Assistance

Basic Rights Oregon
Jeana Frazzini

Outside In’s ID Project
Portland Oregon

Legal Aid Services of Oregon

Sexual Minorities Round Table
Portland Oregon:

Greenen & Greenen, PLLC
1104 Main Street, Suite 400
Vancouver WA 98660
Therese (Terry) Greenen
Attorney at Law

Jenn Burleton—Trans Advocacy & Education
Mailing Address:
1631 NE Broadway
Suite 3355-T
Portland Oregon

MKH—Mary K Hickman
Business Planning; Real Estate; Estate Planning; General Tax
3120 NW John Olsen Avenue
Hillsboro OR 97214

Karen J. Mockrin—Northwest Law Office
2075 SW 1st Ave, Portland 97201

Fair Housing Hotline: 800-424-3247 or to learn more.

Section Five:

Recommended Lists


“Another Woman” (2007)—a French film with subtitles, “Another Woman” is the story of Nicolas, a doctor who left his wife and children to go have a sex change operation. Ten years later she is Lea living in Switzerland and working for a pharmaceutical company. She is sent on a business trip to Paris where her past life comes back to haunt her, and she cannot resist the urge to see her children.

“Ma Vie en Rose” (1997)—another French film in subtitles, “My Life in Pink” (translation) is about a small boy named Ludovic who decides he was meant to be a girl. This decision creates havoc for his parents, neighbors and his father’s boss at work.

“Transamerica” (2005)—starring Felicity Huffman as an M-to-F transsexual woman who is coerced into going to see her son in New York and helping him out of jail. She desperately wants her surgery, and her son doesn’t know of her new life or even recognize her. Their cross-country adventure will change their relationship forever.

“Breakfast on Pluto” (2005)—In the 1970s all Patrick “Kitten” Brady Murphy wants is to find his mother and be his own true identity. The political chaos surrounding him won’t let him be, and the urge to live as a female complicates things even more.

“The Birdcage” (1996)—With Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as a gay couple having a straight son, their

problems are only just beginning. He wants to marry this beautiful girl he just met, but she’s the daughter of a very conservative Senator. The outrageous fun starts when the Senator comes for dinner to meet the new “in-laws”.

“To Woo Fong, Thanks for Everything!—Julie Newmar” (2002)—Three gays want to travel to the biggest drag queen beauty pageant in America, but have trouble in a small, conservative town when their 1961 Cadillac breaks down.

“Stardust” (2007)—This adventure fantasy has a couple of scenes involving transgender situations that have to be seen to be believed.

“Queen Christina” (1933)—This movie is based on history and an actual queen who went out in public disguised as a man.

“Some Like it Hot” (1952)—Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis are on the lam from a mob in this classic tale of two men hiding with an all women’s band as, you guessed it, women!

“Tootsie” (1982)—Dustin Hoffman’s character can’t find a job as a male actor, but there’s an opening for a female actor. This is a cute movie about gender roles with a romance that is a bit clichéd, but seeing Dustin Hoffman in a dress is great!

“Mrs. Doubtfire” (1993)—Not everyone likes this movie, but Robin Williams is a master at comedy, and portraying an older nanny for his kids is hilarious.

Southern Comfort” –a TV documentary about an F-to-M transsexual man who gets Ovarian Cancer in the deep conservative south where they refuse to treat his illness.
Other possible movies to see: “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”; “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”; “Orlando”.

Television: Bosom Buddies


“Trans-Sister Radio” – Chris Bohjalian
“Butch is a Noun” – S. Bear Bergman
“Gender Outlaw” – Kate Bornstein
“Crossdressing, Sex & Gender” – Bullough & Bullough
“Sex Changes : The Politics of Transgenderism”– Patrick Califia
“Head Over Heels : Wives Who Stay with Crossdressers and Transsexuals”– Virginia Erhardt
“Transgender Warriors : Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman” – Leslie Feinberg
“Becoming a Visible Man” – Jamison Green
“Mom, I Need to be a Girl” – Just Evelyn
“Whipping Girl” – Julia Serano
“Transition & Beyond ” – Reid Vanderburgh
“The Uninvited Dilemma: A Question of Gender” -- Kim Elizabeth Stuart

“She’s Not There, A Life In Two Genders” – Jennifer Finney Boylan

Bars, Taverns and Lounges

CC Slaughters,
219 NW Davis Street
Portland OR 97209

Fox and Hounds,
217 NW 2nd Avenue
Portland OR 97209

2913 SE Stark Street
Portland Or 97214

The Overlook Café,
1332 N. Skidmore
Portland OR 97217

120 NW 3rd Avenue
Portland OR

Darcelle XV,
208 NW 3rd Avenue
Portland OR

1125 SW Stark
Portland OR

Restaurants and Cafes

Fox and Hounds,
217 NW 2nd Avenue
Portland OR 97209

2913 SE Stark Street
Portland Or 97214

The Overlook Café,
1332 N. Skidmore
Portland OR 97217

120 NW 3rd Avenue
Portland OR

Wild Abandon,
2411 SE Belmont
Portland OR

Old Wives’ Tales,
1300 East Burnside Street
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 238-0470

Shopping for transgender folks is fairly easy. Stores which support the transgender community include Fashion Bug, Catherine’s, Dress Barn, Lane Bryant and Ross Dress for Less. You can also get good deals at Victoria’s (see Over the Rainbow Transformations).

Recommended Websites

Section Six:
Spiritual and Religious Support
Portland Oregon:
1. 1432 SW 13th Avenue, Portland Oregon, 503-323-2406
2. 621 NE 76th Portland Oregon, 503-699-0473
3. 806 NE Alberta St, Portland Oregon, 503-281-4429
4. 2408 SE 16th Avenue, Portland Oregon, 503-231-4955

Interfaith Spiritual Center
3910 SE 11th Ave
Portland Oregon

1. 1972 NW Flanders, Portland Oregon, 503-222-1069 (reform)
2. 621 NE 76th Portland Oregon, 503-282-1787 (liberal)
3. 825 NW 18th Ave, Portland Oregon, 503-248-4662 (reconstructionist)

Metropolitan Community Church of Portland (MCC)
2400 Broadway
Portland Oregon

Jared Ivie, 503-539-2188
Alyson Bolles,
Jason Giles, 971-409-3463,
Metropolitan Community Church of the Gentle Shepherd (MCC)
Vancouver WA
(360) 695-1480

New Thought:
Portland Center for Spiritual Growth
6905 SE 70th Avenue, Portland Oregon, 503-481-7591


Unitarian Universalist:
1. Eastrose Fellowship 1133 NE 181st Ave, Gresham Oregon, 503-665-2628
2. Atkinson Memorial 710 Sixth Street, Oregon City Oregon, 503-656-7296
3. Hillsboro UU Church22785 NW Birch St, Hillsboro Oregon, 503-648-1720
4. Wy’east 1820 Northeast 40th Ave., Portland, 503-777-3704
5. 1011 SW 12th Avenue, Portland Oregon, 503-228-6389

Vancouver Washington:
Abundant Life Center
Vancouver WA

Vancouver Heights United Methodist Church
5701 MacArthur Blvd.
Vancouver WA
(360) 693-4761

Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver
4505 East 18th Street
Vancouver WA
FAX: (360) 695-1574


Trans-spiritual Gatherings
Leeza Edwards

Community of Welcoming Congregations
Rev. Tara Wilkins, Director
Local Office Address:
2025 NE 23rd Street
Gresham Oregon
Mailing Address:
PO Box 14948
Portland Oregon 97293-0948

Rev. Sherrie Gingery Robinson
Universal Life Church

Section Seven:
Emergency Services

Clark County:
Dial 211 INFO
Dial “211” from your phone for info and referral services.

Mental Health Crisis Line: 360-696-9560

Senior Info and Assistance
201 NE 73rd St
Suite 201

First the Basics: Info on accessing food, transportation and more in the Vancouver area.

Vancouver Housing Authority 2500 Main Street, Vancouver, 360-694-2501

Alcoholics Anonymous 2203 Fairmount Ave, Suite A, Vancouver, 360-694-3870

Dept. of Social & Health Services 5411 E Mill Plain, Bldg 1, 360-759-2800

Human Rights Commission 800-233-3247

Veteran’s Assistance Program
1601 E 4th Plain, Bldg 17, Vancouver, M-F 8am-5pm.
(360) 695-1891
Rent, utilities, food, gas, transportation, prescriptions
Must have honorable discharge; Washington resident 12 months; Clark County resident

VA Homeless Housing Program 1601 E 4th Plain, Bldg 18; drop-in Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Clark County Veterans Assistance Center
1305 Columbia St, Suite 100, Vancouver
M-F 8am-5pm

Emergency Numbers for Portland Area
Police/Fire/Medical, 9-1-1
Health and Human Services, 2-1-1
Bradley-Angle House, 503-281-2442
Cascade AIDS Project, 503-223-5907
Domestic Violence Unit, 503-823-0090
Multnomah County Crisis Line, 503-988-4888
Portland Women’s Crisis Line, 503-235-5333
Crime Prevention (ONI), 503-823-4064
Women Strength, 503-823-0260
New Avenues for Youth, 503-224-4339

Section Eight:
Stories and Poetry

Joyce Colson:
“The Roads to Transition” – Joyce Colson – a book of transgender poetry. You can order from Eclectic Publishing, or 360-907-4830. $4 in book form (taxes and shipping included), or download electronic copy for $15. The book is also available at “In Other Words”, Feminist Community Center, 14 N Killingsworth, Portland Oregon.
Here is a poetry sample from the book:

I Wonder
I wonder if Momma thought the day I was born,
That she would give me another gender
As she looked down on her baby tender.
I wonder why she reared me with that male thorn.

I wonder if Daddy thought his little baby boy
Would someday be another gender
As he admired the baby tender.
I wonder why he steered me to a male toy.

I wonder if God blessed this confused fetus,
As the spirit breathed in a different gender
And the mistake was in the baby tender.
I wonder why the joke of fate came out to treat us.

I wonder if Mommy, Daddy and God cried
When the boy grew up and died,
And the woman born from the gender that lied
Was the wonder of self worth satisfied.

“The Other Side” -- Joyce Colson

Here’s a transgender short story from Joyce Colson’s story collection (“The Other Side”):

It’s Not What It Looks Like (by Joyce Colson)

I won’t reveal my name. It’s irrelevant anyway. Besides, my story doesn’t hinge on my identity. Even if you knew what I looked like it wouldn’t matter. Let’s just say I’m a woman, and let it go at that.
My story began just few days ago, but it seems like forever. I guess that’s the way it always feels when those big things happen in life. After all, I wouldn’t be telling this story if it was just small stuff. Whatever. I’ll start in the middle, because all stories are supposed to start at the beginning and I’m a contrary kind of person, so I’ll begin in the middle. Besides, the whole plot hinges on starting in the middle. I realize I’m rambling on, but you’ve got to understand that I’m telling a story here that is painful to reveal. You see, the first plot twist is this: I used to be a guy.
I was at a night club the night before last, and met this guy. He didn’t know what I used to be or even suspected because I’ve had all the surgeries which make me drop dead gorgeous and fully functional. He used a pickup line on me that was quite unique.
“Hi, doll, have you heard the one about the dumb blond guy who used the stupidest pickup line imaginable?”
I remember looking closely at this hopeful hunk of testosterone, and wondering where he was going with this? He was, after all, blond.
“Okay, I’ll bite. What’s the stupidest pickup line imaginable?”
“Would you like to go out with a blond?”

“No.” I said, smiling, and still wondering where he was taking this ridiculous approach.
“That’s good, because I wouldn’t either. Two blonds dating wouldn’t be stimulating conversation.” I laughed uproariously. Why? Because, I’m a blond too.
“Okay, that’s funny. It lets you in the door to buy me a drink.” I said, winking at him. He did so, and we sat down at a nearby table to talk. The conversation, contrary to our hair color, was indeed very stimulating. After an hour and another drink, he got suddenly serious, and whispered to me.
“Before this goes any further, I need to be totally honest with you.” he said, with a straight face, and the light banter we were just having suddenly went cold. My inner alarm went off, and I cursed myself for allowing this guy to disarm my normal suspicions.
“So, I suppose you’re married?” I asked, before he could speak. I blurted it out because deep down this was my worst fear. He laughed.
“No! I’m as single as you are.”
Whew, I thought, and rattled back:
“What makes you think I am?” He sat up with a shocked look on his face.
“You…you’re married?” I laughed when he asked me that.
“No more than you are.” With this response he physically relaxed and leaned back in his chair again. “Now that formalities are out of the way,” I continued, “what’s really your big secret?”
“Promise you won’t be mad? I mean, if you frown, get up and walk away I won’t care. But don’t get mad, because I really am trying to be honest up front with you.” He let out a big sigh.
“I won’t be mad. Disappointed maybe, but not mad.”
He leaned forward.
“I used to be a girl.” It took me awhile to calm down from my gut-splitting laughter. The irony was so hilarious I just couldn’t stop laughing. He started fidgeting in his chair wondering what I though was so funny. Finally, I was able to catch my breath.
“I’m not only not mad or disappointed, but laughing at myself for not being so honest with you. You see, I used to be a guy.” Then, it was his turn to laugh. We had another drink, and then ordered some dinner. As we both picked at our desert, he said quietly:
“That’s not all.”
Now that’s the middle of this story. It’s time to move on to the beginning of the story. You’ll see why soon enough.
I was almost thirty when I realized my life grew more miserable every day. I had seen myself as a gay guy, and literally worked and slaved my way through three failed relationships. They all left me because I just wasn’t “guy” enough for them. So, I thought: let’s try a heterosexual relationship. I dated this girl I had known in College, and we hit off pretty good, but once we got into bed, she immediately started complaining she wasn’t a lesbian. So, that relationship also fell through the floorboards.
I started seeing a therapist about my failures in relationships, and she helped me soon realize a woman was hiding inside, desperate to get out. She encouraged me to see a doctor and get prescriptions for hormones, and try living as a woman for a few months to see if that would help.
Three months later I knew and accepted the reality. I was a woman. So I spent the next two years undergoing the difficult process of changing my legal identity, going through expensive beard removal services, gender changing surgeries, and being ostracized and rejected by my family. Apparently they could handle me being gay, but not female.

Basically it took me three years to complete all my changes. My life was never happier. That is until I met Frank. I fell hopelessly and madly in love with him. We dated a long time, and when he finally asked for my hand in marriage, I told him about my gender change.
After I got out of the hospital, I swore I’d never tell any potential boyfriend ever again where I had come from. I finally healed, and after a hard two weeks at my place of employment, I felt I deserved finally going out for the evening.
Which brings me to the end of this story. Or, at least, the beginning of the end. I looked at him wondering what could possibly be more secretive than being transsexual? He paused a long time over his chocolate cake, obviously afraid to tell me.
“Do you believe in aliens?”
“What?” I asked, suddenly wondering where he was going with this.
“Do you believe in aliens?”
“You mean, like from another planet?”
“Uh, it depends on whether you’re the alien or not.”
“Well, not anymore. I’m human now.”
“Boy, when you transition, you don’t mess around.” That was all I seemed able to say. This bit of revelation was definitely straining my non-judgment. Which suddenly occurred to me was a dangerous place to be.
“That’s not all.”
“There’s more?” My inner alarm bells were ringing off the hook. How much more of this could I stand? I was almost ready to get up and walk away.
“Yes, there is, but this last confession isn’t so bad.” He said at last.
“Okay.” I said, waiting with abated breath. After all, he wasn’t an alien anymore. And being transsexual didn’t bother me in the slightest. So, what was this last secret he claimed wasn’t so bad? “I guess you might as well let me know, because at least we will start with a new clean slate of honesty.” I at last said with as much dignity as I could muster.
He smiled. It was the smile I had seen earlier before this bizarre conversation had taken place.
“My hair is dyed. I’m not really a blond.”

Ordering info: phone: 360-907-4830; email: Cost for “The Other Side”: $24.

David Weekley:
The Rev. David Weekley was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1951, where he transitioned FTM, completing the initial process in 1975 at the age of twenty-four. Rev. Weekley is a graduate of Cleveland State University (B.A. cum laude, Psychology). He completed graduate studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (Phenomenology of Religion), and holds the Master of Divinity degree from Boston University School of Theology (1982). Rev. Weekley has served the United Methodist Church as an ordained clergy since 1982. He is currently the only openly transgender clergy serving in the denomination. Rev. Weekley shared his story with his congregation and the world, August 30th, 2009, after 28 years of ministry. He has appeared on ABC news, CBS “The Early Show”, and several radio programs. He has presented workshops at a number of colleges and universities. His recently released book, In from the Wilderness: Sherman, (She-r-man), published by WIPF&STOCK Publishers (Eugene, OR.), is his personal story, faith journey, and reflection on the official position of several denominations, including the United Methodist Church, in relation to the LGTBQ community. Rev. Weekley belongs to several organizations advocating for the full inclusion and rights of transgender and LGBQ people, including the Transfaith Religious Leaders Network, Northwest Gender Alliance, Reconciling United Methodists, and the Human Rights Campaign. Rev. Weekley currently serves as Pastor of Sellwood and Capitol Hill United Methodist Churches in Portland, Oregon.


The stories of transgender people reach back to the beginnings of recorded history. At this particular point in time the psychiatric, medical, and secular worlds are beginning to appreciate the authenticity of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, and Queer people. Sadly, many Christian churches and denominations continue to oppress and vilify the LGTBQ community.
In From the Wilderness” is the story of a transgender man who has been an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church since 1984 and has quietly served his congregations for twenty-eight years before sharing his story and spiritual journey with his congregation, denomination, and the world.
It is the story of a Transgender man, a Christian, an ordained minister, a loving husband and father—a human being. It is his challenge to his denomination and to all Christians and spiritual seekers to consider the truth of gender identity and sexual orientation as God given gifts, to be celebrated and embraced among all other gifts.”
“Questions about whether a transgender pastor can have a successful ministry have been resoundingly answered in the affirmative in this story of three decades of elective and inspiring pastoral ministry, while keeping secret from the church and society his gender reassignment surgery. Remarkable—courageous— encouraging!” —BISHOP CALVIN D. MCCONNELL, United Methodist Church, Retired, Portland, Oregon
“From the time David was appointed my pastor in the 1980s, to the compelling revelation of his challenging circumstances, he has sustained his integrity, his courageous, creative, inclusive ministry and hope filled spirit. His personal story covers liberation to others trapped, either in their bodies or in gender roles denied by society.”--VELMA DUELL MCCONNELL, Lay Pastoral Care, Portland, Oregon
“David Weekley shares his wilderness journey in this warm and honest autobiography. In the wilderness (both past and present), David has encountered deep loneliness, powerful mentoring and friendship, unbearable pain, and profound joy. Trough it all, he has journeyed with a courage that will inspire courage in his readers. As a teenager, David could not speak of himself as ‘I’ but only as ‘i.’ He gradually learned to honor himself and to form deep and honest relationships, which have shaped his powerful and compassionate ministry with others. Thank you, David!” —MARY ELIZABETH MOORE, Boston University
THE REV. DAVID WEEKLEY is an ordained United Methodist clergy. He received his BA in Psychology from Cleveland State University in 1976 and entered seminary at Boston University School of Theology, where he earned an MD in 1982. He has served churches in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference for twenty-eight years.

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Emily Pittman Newberry

“Butterfly a Rose” – Emily Pittman Newberry
Emily Pittman Newberry is a poet from the local Portland area who is currently busy promoting her new transgender poetry book. “Butterfly A Rose” is available through Your local bookstore is a vital asset in your community. Please consider going there to purchase a copy of my book. As an incentive, I am happy to find a way to sign your book that you purchase at one of these stores. If your local bookstore is not on this list, please ask them to carry it. Write to me,, and I will be happy to bring copies to them on consignment.

All bookstores listed are in Portland Oregon:
Broadway Books 1714 NE Broadway.
In Other Words Bookstore 14 N Killingsworth St.
New Renaissance Books 1338 NW 23rd Ave.
St Johns Booksellers 8622 N Lombard St.
Annie Blooms Books 7834 SW Capitol Highway
Beacon Bookstore, 1st Unitarian Church of Portland, Sundays only after services.

Here is a sample poem from the book:

The Last Time

When did my innocence become hiding?
Was it the male sexed baby girl who didn’t demand dolls?
Was it the child retelling the story of divorce denied
That left out the mother who ran from her fear of conflict?
Was it the Boy Scout draped in proper
To hide from his “her” he sheltered?
Was it the revolutionary shouting his shadow and
Bludgeoning the gentle inside for a cause?
Was it the machinist, whose solid citizen routines
Were the last bulwark against the truth?
Or am I just asking about the past
To hold off the last onslaught of vulnerability?

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