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Northwest Gender Alliance

News Release June 26, 2011 from the Northwest Gender Alliance.

The Northwest Gender Alliance (NWGA) condemns yesterday’s violent attack in Portland on a gay citizen. This is the second attack in a month and it is time for the community as a whole to speak out against violence, be it verbal or physical. The news report from various local television stations, including FOX 12, clearly shows that this was a hate crime. We also warmly commend the one citizen for stepping forward to shield the victim in this attack.

We call upon all churches, social organizations and parents to speak out against violence. It is one thing to have differences of opinion. It is another thing to resort to violence to express opinions. Failure to speak out amounts to tacit approval of violence.

The NWGA calls for another demonstration of solidarity such as occurred on May 29, 2011. The ‘Hands Across the Hawthorne’ was an amazing show of unity and should be repeated in some form every time a hate crime occurs.

Public education is the key to understanding and tolerance. The Northwest Gender Alliance and several other local organizations provide Speaker Bureau classes to churches, schools, and other organizations to provide understanding and tolerance for those of the LGBT community.

You can contact the NWGA at 503-533-8787 or visit our website at

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