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Northwest Gender Alliance

News Release: July 26, 2017

Northwest Gender Alliance

Today the President of the United States announced plans to terminate all military personnel who are transgender. We condemn in the strongest terms this action, as it goes against everything this country is supposed to stand for: dignity, and equality. No one who is physically able, and willing to put their life on the line for this country, should be denied from doing so. Especially for political purposes. This announcement amounts to a large step backward for human rights. No one should have to return to, or remain, in the closet with regards to personal circumstances. This is nothing more than hateful discrimination that contributes to the hardships endured by transgender people.

More than half of the membership of the Northwest Gender Alliance has served in military conflicts as well as in peacetime since the Korean War. Most have received medals for their courageous service.

For more information, please contact the NWGA at 503-533-8787.

Jackie Stone
Northwest Gender Alliance.​
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