The Northwest Gender Alliance has for many years provided a Speakers Bureau to educate various churches, organizations, and school groups.

With our Gender 101 class, a panel of two or more members will begin with a description of their life experiences. Then the audience is usually allowed time to ask questions and open a dialog on transgender acceptance.

Our Trans 201 class focuses more attention on how to interact with trans people in the work place. A class will be divided into groups of five or six and are assigned to discuss how to handle the needs of a new employee who is transgender and how to deal with other employees who have difficulty with accepting a transgender co-worker. The focus is on education, realization and conflict prevention and resolution.

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The panels are designed to meet the needs of the audience. For example, speakers who have had both good and bad experiences in dealing with churches would be selected for a church audience. A similar concept would be used for medical school students, university psychology classes, retail establishments, human resource departments, Veterans Hospital, etc.

The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to help the audience to learn about transgender people, and understand their needs. Retail companies, such as clothing stores, that institute a ‘Trans Sensitivity' class usually see an increase in sales and a reduction of embarrassment that can prohibit good customer service. Companies and organizations benefit by learning how to help transgender clients in a professional, mature, dignified, and non-discriminatory manner. Both the state Oregon and Washington have laws protecting the rights of transgendered people.

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