The NWGA was formed in the spring of 1980, by a small group of transgender people who longed for a safe environment to learn about themselves. Even in the open-minded community of Portland, Oregon, transgender people in the 1980's lived with good reason to fear violence, and regularly  experienced discrimination.  Today, thanks in part to NWGA and many of its members, the public has had an opportunity to learn what it means to be transgender, and is not.  There is still confusion and non-acceptance on the part of may, and so NWGA members continue to educate thousands of people every year.

The NWGA is one the oldest continuously operating transgender organizations in the United States. We welcome the dozens of new organizations that have formed throughout the northwest and even here in Portland, which serves many different purposes in assisting the transgender community.   Many people are reaching out to learn about themselves and others in the trans community and the need for public education is overwhelming.

Members pay yearly dues, which cover the cost of the monthly NWGA newsletter, the Hotline Phone for support and suicide prevention, printing of educational materials, and social activities.

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